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1990 - Ms Alison Laidlaw

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Ms Laidlaw is an earlier member of the Edinburgh & District Group of Advanced Drivers car group. In later life Ms Laidlaw approached the Edinburgh Car Group for a refresher driving course when Bill Fulton is assigned as her Observer.

Following a series of drives with Bill Ms Laidlaw wishes to give something back as a thank you for the refresher drives. As the Bike Section is in its infancy Bill suggests a donation to the Bike Section would be most welcome.

This inspires Ms Laidlaw to donate £500 to help with the set up of the bike section.

Through this, and future, donations, we carry on this aim of facilitating training for young people across the Lothians through the Laidlaw Refund.


A few pics from 1990


At this time Ms Laidlaw would be riding to the cinema to watch Mermaids while listening to Sinead OConnor sing Nothing Compares 2 U, on her Honda NR750

Honda NR750
Honda NR750

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