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Becoming a Master Member

Once you've passed the IAMRoadsmart's Advanced Rider course, where do you go from there. One option is to continue on your learning journey and take part in the IAM Roadsmart Masters Programme. 

Our Masters Mentors will take you through the course on a 1:1 basis, to help you attain the highest standard of civilian riding in the country. 

Below you can see a couple of videos by @Reg Local, an IAM Bike Examiner, who will take you through whats required for the Masters test, including a demonstration run. We reckoned that we couldnt do better than Reg in producing these videos. 


Reg also has a couple of books on Amazon that you may find interesting:

Masters Part 1.png

IAM Roadsmart Bike Masters Test Part 1

In the second of this two part series on IAM Roadsmart's Masters bike test, Reg gives a demonstration ride to show the standard required.

Have a look at all of Reg's videos here:

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IAM Roadsmart Bike Masters Test Part 2

Reg Local, an experienced IAM bike examiner, explain what Masters is all about, how to take part & what is required from you if you undertake the Masters test.

Have a look at all of Reg's videos here:

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Masters Part 2.png

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