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Continuous Rider Development

Bikers and observers at a training day

Each year EDAM organises optional additional training for our members. 

Over the last few year this has included skills days on track at Croft, Slomo days at East Fortune Airfield and a biker first aid course with the Biker Down team. 

Only available to EDAM members, these additional training days are aimed at helping you to improve specific pieces of biking skills and are well worth the effort for riders at all levels. 

Bikers lined up and waiting to go onto the track at Croft

Skills Days

The skills days on track are aimed at letting you understand the limits of your motorcycle and you in a safe, instructor led space. 

This isn't a track day, there's no overtaking, and you will be put in a group with similarly skilled riders. 

An instructor will take you and your group around the track and provide feedback to those in their group. 


Slomo Day

We run a slomo day most years, open to members and associates. It's very popular, so if you're interested you'll need to book it up quickly. 

You will test yourself with U-turns, Figure of 8s, Junctions, cone course and the formidable high speed braking test. 

A biker trying out emergency braking at a skills training day
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