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Group Runs

EDAM organises group runs, to give all of our members the ability to meet each other, to work on their skills and to generally have an excuse to go out on their bikes with like minded people. 😊

A group of bikers having a break in a Scottish Glen
A group of bikers in a layby

While group runs are generally for members only, there are a few each year that can be attended by all. Keep an eye on the home page or on our Facebook page if you're not yet a member, but would like to attend one of our runs. 

For all of our runs we generally meet at The Steading on Biggar Road  and head off from there. (but each run is different, so remember and check!)

Long runs are typically scheduled for a whole day at the weekend over the warmer months. (We're in Scotland, so it's all relative) We'll head North or South and these typically range from 200-300 miles in the day. 

We also organise shorter runs some weekends enabling people to get back earlier to attend to their non-biking life. We also organised chip shop runs which aim to sample the various seafood eating establishments within range on a weekday evening. 

A group of bikers parked up on a ride
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