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Bikers parked up at a Scottish Glen

Riding In Groups

To maintain your skills you need to practice them, and that’s where group runs come in, giving you a chance to ride with, and watch other skilled riders.

Bikers parked up
EDAM bikers on a ride out

On these runs the leader will aim to make legal progress, where safe to do so, and this can help riders improve the progress aspect of riding.


The drop off marker system is used to ensure no one gets lost. It’s all about getting out on your bike and having fun. You will also have other riders to chat to at refreshment stops. You should know that EDAM puts great store on the quality of cakes available at the bike stops...


Group rides are generally for EDAM Members only, though there are a few aimed at non-members. Keep a lookout on the homepage for any upcoming events for non-members. 

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