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Passing your IAM RoadSmart Test

Useful reference material to use when looking to pass your IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider test. 

  • Reg is an examiner who takes you through all of the elements that you need to pass your test. 

  • Kate is an associate going through her own IAM journey. 

  • Both channels are well worth subscribing to and have a lot of great material

Remember that these are intended to supplement discussions with your observer and the practice that you will be putting in as you go through your journey. 

We reckoned that we couldnt do better than Reg and Kate in producing these videos. 

Reg also has a couple of books on Amazon that you may find interesting:

Reg Local Advanced Bike Test

How to Pass your IAM Test

Reg Local, an experienced IAM bike examiner, takes you through all of the elements of an advanced ride and points out what the examiner will be looking for on the day.

Follow Reg Local:

The IAM test

You can watch Kate as she progresses through the course and takes her IAM RoadSmart test.

There is also a video where you can see the same ride from the examiners viewpoint. 

Follow Kate at:

Kate awaiting the results of her IAM RoadSmart Advanced Test
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