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The IAM RoadSmart Course


EDAM is the local provider of the IAM RoadSmart course across Edinburgh and the Lothians. As such, if you live in the area, when you purchase a RoadSmart course from the IAM, you will be assigned to EDAM to take you through the course. 


IAM RoadSmart Rider Course

The IAM RoadSmart course currently costs £215


This includes your first years IAM and EDAM memberships in addition to the training and certification. 

An additional £60 is required by EDAM to partially compensate your observer for their running costs. They are all volunteers and donate their time and skills to help improve road safety across the region. 

Whichever aspect of riding you’re looking to improve, the IAM RoadSmart Rider course can bring your skills up to an advanced level, helping you to get more out of riding and preparing you for any on-road scenario.

For the course, you’ll be paired with one of our highly skilled Observers, themselves Advanced Riders who hold an additional Institute of the Motor Industry qualification.

Over a series of observed rides, you’ll develop your core riding skills and learn how to continuously apply the ‘IPSGA’ framework (Information, Position, Speed, Gear, Acceleration) to a variety of on-road situations including on bends, motorways, and during overtakes.


You can take advantage of EDAM, and meet up with others on the course to discuss and share your newfound knowledge and skills.

When you’re ready, your Observer will put you forward for your Advanced Test with one of the IAM Examiners.


Upon completion, you’ll gain ‘Advanced Rider’ and ‘IAM RoadSmart Member’ status.

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All Your Money Back

For younger riders

EDAM have a unique fund to help younger riders. If you are 28 or under when starting your course, EDAM will refund 100% of your fees when you pass your advanced test. 

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