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FREE Taster Session

FREE Advanced Rider Taster Session

At EDAM, we understand that many riders want to improve their skills, be it improving cornering, slow speed control, riding through town or just a general lack of confidence. But you’re not sure what various training options are available without having to stump up money for them first. 

This is an FREE opportunity to try before you buy.

Are You Outside of the Lothians?

For those of you outside of EDAM's area, you can still take advantage of this offer through the IAM directly. 

Just head over to the IAM FREE TASTER Session page for more details and they will put you in touch with your local group. 


FREE Taster Session

Take a free Taster Session with a qualified EDAM observer. 

If you are interested in taking it further, you can look to participate in the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider course in the future. 

Send off now to request a FREE Taster Session with EDAM

We need to know roughly where you live to enable us to assign a local observer. 

Please do not include any personal  or financial information in the message.

Thanks, we'll be in contact with you over the next few days to arrange a date and time.



The FREE Taster Session is a relaxed one-to-one session with a trained EDAM observer. Your free session will help remind you of good riding standards, probably pick up on a few bad habits and help you to start identifying the hazards on our increasingly busy roads.

EDAM has been helping people become more skilled, more confident and safer on the road for many years. With your free session, we will team you up with one of our observers who will take you out for a relaxed and stress free observed run over a couple of hours. Your observer will give you feedback on where your riding is good, where there is room for improvement and give you some tips on what you can do to improve your enjoyment of riding your bike.

So what you have got to lose? Well… nothing! Other than the cost of your own fuel, this is completely free. There is NO OBLIGATION to sign up for anything, and we hope you will enjoy your session.

Current EDAM Full Members can also  benefit from a Free Assessed Ride.
If it has been a while since you took your test, you may benefit from a refresher ride with an EDAM Observer to make sure your skills are still sharp.

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