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Advanced Riding

Advanced Riding is about demonstrating a safe, systematic, smooth and progressive ride. This skill is one of the cheaper add-ons you can buy to make your bike perform better, and it works on every bike you'll ever own.

The IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course uses a systematic approach to riding, of  Information, Position, Speed, Gear, then Acceleration (IPSGA) to achieve this.

The System:

  • Information – Take, Use, Give.

    • Taking – being aware of all that’s happening around you

    • Using – forming your Riding Plan – Position, Speed and Gear

    • Giving – letting other road users know what you plan to do.

  • Position – the safest place on the road as you approach and negotiate a hazard

  • Speed – a suitable road speed to approach and negotiate a hazard

  • Gear – a flexible gear for that road speed

  • Acceleration – a change in speed once hazard is passed.

Safety through observation, anticipation and control gives you time to react, and space to react in.

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