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Frequently Asked Questions

We endeavour to make the EDAM website and club as self explanatory as possible, but we know there are always questions that people may have about EDAM. Hopefully we can go some way to answering them here.

  • Does EDAM have a Youtube account?
    Yes, EDAM does indeed have an active Youtube page that is open to non-members. You can find it by clicking on the Youtube logo at the foot of this page.
  • What's in the members section of the website?
    The members section is for EDAM members only and includes access to: Twistgrip magazine - our monthly magazine - current and historical issues Members Runs - all runs for members only Members Training - training for members Members Resources - links and files for members Your Committee - who are the committee Complaints - can't imagine why you would need this... Observers specific page - for EDAM observers Committee specific page - for EDAM committee
  • How many people area learning at any time?
    EDAM generally has between 20 and 50 associates taking the course at any one time. But don't worry, we have plenty of Observers who are working hard to ensure that the associates are as successful as they can be.
  • Can I be a member of EDAM without being a member of the IAM?
    The simple answer is no. EDAM has been set up as an IAM training organisation and it's part of our dna and the EDAM constitution requires that each EDAM member is also a member of the IAM. We will check when membership renewal comes around.
  • How many members are there in EDAM
    This varies between about 250 and 300 people over the year.
  • What sort of bike do I need to do the IAM Roadsmart course?
    Any bike of 125cc and above is fine. You can take the course on motorbikes, scooters or trikes if that's what you have, we're a non discriminatory organisation.
  • I have an A2 licence, can I take the IAM Roadsmart test?
    Yes, you certainly can. We have had many riders on A2 licences', especially our younger members, who have went on to successfully pass their test. We would encourage you to do this as early as possible so you pick up the good habits for life.
  • How do I log into the website for the first time and see what's in the members section?
    If you are a member of EDAM, then you can sign up to the website using your email address and log in. Select Log In from the top right of the page Select Sign Up Enter your email address and a unique password Once the membership secretary has approved you as an EDAM member, you will be able to log in If you are not a member of EDAM, then you need to sign up with the IAM and EDAM first. Have a look here:
  • Where can I see EDAM's charity registration details.
    EDAM are a registered charity in Scotland, overseen by the Scottish Charity Register OSCR. You can find details about EDAM's charity status on the OSCR website. Our charity number is SC023692.
  • Does EDAM have a magazine publication?
    Yes, EDAM has its own monthly publication called TwistGrip. Twistgrip is available to all members and covers everything related to biking, EDAM, the IAM, training and test passes. An enjoyable read for one and all.
  • How much does it cost to join EDAM?
    Free for the first year and £10 per year after that. It is free in the first year with the cost being covered by your RoadSmart course payment that you make to the IAM. After that we charge an annual £10 membership fee for the club year running from 1st March to 28/29 February.
  • How much does the IAM RoadSmart course cost?
    The IAM RoadSmart course is £215. There is an additional one off cost of £60 paid to EDAM to supplement the Observer's fuel costs, no matter how many sessions you may need. However, if you are 28 or under when you start your course, we will refund all of your fees you have paid to EDAM and the IAM on passing your test. We can do this thanks to a very generous bequest from Ms Laidlaw, an awesome biker.
  • Does EDAM have a Facebook page?
    Yes, EDAM does indeed have an active Facebook page that is open to non-members. You can find it by clicking on the Facebook logo at the foot of this page.
  • Does EDAM have a Twitter account?
    Yes, EDAM does indeed have an active Twitter page that non-members can follow. You can find it by clicking on the Twitter logo at the foot of this page.
  • What's the difference between EDAM and the IAM?
    IAM RoadSmart own and provide the course, maintain the standards, award certification and manage the examiners. The IAM oversees the delivery of the course through local groups, who are trained to provide the course directly by the IAM. EDAM are a local group and deliver the course for the IAM across Edinburgh and the Lothians. Like all local groups, EDAM is a registered charity, with the aim of increasing road safety across the area.
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