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Martyn's Story

Here are my recollections of EDAM. I joined the Group in 2010 when I moved to Balerno. I believe you (Jeff Glen) were Chief Observer at the time and those that started the Group were still active the likes of Jim Gibson and Alan Kerr, Bill Fulton , Peter Woolven Elliot Beattie Eric Donaldson etc.

Whilst I had previously passed my IAM test in Middlesex and ridden with Middlesx Advanced Motorists I found the skill levels higher in EDAM probably because of more exacting roads. It took me nearly three years of regular riding to reach the skills levels of others! The social side was good with regularly planned evening and week-end rides and of course Bill's famous Plockton Trips. Additional events like slow riding and emergency braking were always helpful.

I was active on the committee for a number of years and at some point wanted to pay back the time and energy devoted to me by the Middlesex Observers so volunteered myself as an Observer and was allocated Jim Gibson to assess my riding. Through the Observer training I realised all the bad habits I had fallen back on over the years. Jim finally cleared me to observe and was able to see a number of Associates through their test. I carried this forward when I came back south and joined Herts and Beds AM taking on more Associates. The 'non EDAM' rideouts arranged by Gordon were also appreciated adding to my skill levels and the trips abroad we shared. Generally just a great group of people drawn together by the love of riding motorcycles fast and safely! Having moved south I still travelled up with Steve Butcher for the Plockton rides for a number of years and still keep in close contact with Bill and Jill Fulton.

Thanks to Facebook I can still follow the Group's activities and debates. Obviously there are newcomers but it's still good to see some old names still appearing. I was so sorry to hear about the death of Jim and Wendy.

My last Associate passed his test in November 2016 after which my spinal issues made it difficult to ride. I held on to my 2006 Blackbird until 2020 in hopes that I would fit again, but had to let it go. I have everybody's photos from our trips to Spain and Austria and often spend time taking a look through. All in all I'm very grateful for the time spent with EDAM and the many riders and friends I met and shared time with.

Kind Regards Martyn

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