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1990 - And so it begins

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

As we continue to increase in size our next aim is to form the Motorcycle sub-section of the Edinburgh & District Group of Advanced Motorists which will allow us the use of a well qualified committee.

23rd April 1990 : Car Group Committee Meeting - Chairmans Report
  • Dave Finlayson had written to George Goldie (Scottish Groups Association Chair) re start-up of a M/Cycle Section of the Group.

  • The Chairman had then sent a covering letter to Mr Robert Van Dissel (yes, thats his name) to get a letter sent to all existing M/C members in the area.

28th May 1990 : Car Group Committee Meeting - AOB
  • Initial meeting for Motorcycle Section. Chairman suggested a meeting be called with 8 interested motorcyclists, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Ian Chapman.

  • To invite motorcyclists along for open discussion, to get nucleus of Instructors with help from Lawrence Wyne and Andrew Bright who organize police bikes in Edinburgh.

  • Date of Initial Meeting Wednesday 13th June 1990 at 8pm

13th June 1990 : Motorcycle Section Inaugural Meeting.
  • Full Members : Jeff Glen, John Ranger, Keith Downton, Dilys Beaumont, Ian Chapman, Euan Taylor

  • IAM Car Group : Dave Finlayson (Chair), Bill Fulton (Vice Chair), Ann Bradshaw (Secretary)

We hold our Initial meeting of the motorcycle sub-section with me (Jeff) reporting back to committee accordingly. We request names from HQ of all full motorcycle members in the EH post code district, receive 45 names and hope to strengthen the core of full members and observers.

  • Subscription £3.50.

  • Group associate members £25.00 joining fee and subscription.

  • We put out a call for potential new observers.

The sub-section receives donation of £500 from Ms Alison Laidlaw.

25th June 1990 : Car Group Committee Meeting - M/C Sub Section
  • The Secretary read out a resume of the Initial Meeting.

  • The Chairman would compose a suitable letter to be sent to IAM HQ by the Secretary informing them that a M/C Sub Section had been set up by the Edinburgh & District Group.

8th October 1990 : Car Group Committee Meeting - Chairman’s Report
  • A report on the establishment of the M/C Section had been given at the S.G.A. (Scottish Groups Association) meeting.

Treasurers Report
  • M/C Sub Section

  • Full Members 5

  • Group Associates 2

7th November 1990 : Car Group Committee Meeting - Treasurers Report
  • M/C Sub Section

  • Full Members 6

  • Group Associates 3

12th December 1990 : Car Group Committee Meeting - Treasurers Report
  • M/C Sub Section

  • Full Members 6

  • Group Associates 4


While all this was happening, we are listenng to New Order sing World in Motion, watching Goodfellas at the pictures (OK, Pretty Woman, I know), my boss had just bought his Lotus Carlton and the Kawasaki Z-11 won bike of the year.

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