Twist Grip – June 2016

Skills for Life

The reality is that when we first learn to ride we're being taught how to pass the test, but there are still opportunities to continue developing what both you and your bike are capable of.

For example riding at night, experiencing how snow or ice can affect handling, travelling on a motorway or along country roads. 

That's where the Skills For Life comes in.

It's a course of observed rides, leading to the Advanced Riding test. Based on the principles of Advanced Riding as used by the police, it teaches riders the skills to better adapt to changing situations. All our advanced programs are quality assured by the Driving Standards Agency.

£149 (+ £50 observer fuel contribution) - or FREE if you're under 29.

Thinking you would like to improve your skills but the cost is putting you off? If you have not yet had your 29th birthday and you signup for a Skill for Life package, join EDAM, undertake your course of observed rides and pass your test within a sensible period of time, we will refund you your Skill for Life fee and observer’s contribution, currently £189!

Ah, but there must be catch? Surely?

No, there isn’t!  All we ask is that you commit to your weekly observed rides, practice in between sessions and prepare for your test, the same as any other associate.  Get yourself through your test and a nice cheque will be given to you.  So what’s stopping you now?

This will be the best, most adaptable accessory you can ever buy for you and your bike. Only this accessory is easily transferrable to every other bike you are ever likely to buy.

We are able to offer this to younger riders due to the kind generosity of Miss Alison Laidlaw, who left EDAM a bequest of money to be used to improve the road safety of younger riders.  Although not a biker herself, Miss Laidlaw was a member of the IAM, passing her car test late in her driving career.  She saw that younger riders especially were at  much higher risk  being involved in a serious accident, and through her gift to us she has tasked EDAM in improving the skills of the most at risk rider.

We hold an annual competition in her memory (think CBT but with unusual challenges!).  The competition is open to all members and a good way to spend a couple of hours having a laugh watching everyone else trying too hard!  Photos from last year’s competition are in the the archives section of the website.