Twist Grip – June 2016

Happy First Birthday. Not.


Happy First Birthday. Not.

Diary of events
Sunday 1 11 15 Bike knocked over by third party reversing her car.
Monday 2 11 15 Third party notifies her insurance company. Shiela’s Wheels/esure
I notify Bennetts, my broker, for notification purposes.
Tuesday 3 11 15 I receive a call from 4th Dimension, repair centre for Bennetts...

They wish to collect my bike, leave hire bike, assess the damage and check; steering, frame and front forks, swinging arm for alignment, and prepare quote, return bike to me and collect hire bike, then await the go ahead from third party insurers. When given the go ahead they will collect my bike, leave hire bike, carry out repairs and return my bike as new and collect hire bike. Sounds a bit long winded, not to say expensive!!! ‘Where are you based?’ I ask Tony. Surrey!!!!, is his response. Gulp.

Not sure of this idea Tony….I will need to think about this. OK, I will call you tomorrow. Wednesday I call Brenda at MOTORCYCLE Law Scotland for advice, NO she tells me, we will deal with insurers direct and drafts a letter No phone call from 4th Dimension Thursday afternoon Brian calls me from esure, checks the details with me, informs me of three options 1 have my bike collected, repaired and returned, and I can have a hire bike 2 take my bike to a place of my choice for repair and have a hire bike 3 receive a cheque to the value of repairs and have bike repaired when it suits me, with no hire bike ‘Brian’ I say, ‘I don’t require a hire bike and will prefer to have my bike repaired at Coopers Sunderland’. All bolt off and bolt on repairs, 90 minute – two hour repairs, I will wait for the bike ‘OK’, he says, ‘take your bike into Coopers for a quote, send me a copy’

Simon calls from 4th Dimension, apologises for being busy, I tell him thanks but no thanks I will deal with my local BMW dealer for repairs. He didn’t sound too pleased.

Friday morning bike into Coopers, obtain quote and send a copy to Brian at esure Wednesday 11 11 15 Ian engineer / assessor from esure calls, he has been in touch with Coopers who will call me to arrange bike repairs, anything else I require just call him Coopers call me to book the bike in, they order the parts, confirm date as 27 November to allow time for delivery of a part from Germany. Wednesday 27 Bike now repaired locally at minimum cost and expense to all. So, I am delighted with the response from esure, a phone call from them within days to explain the situation and my options. Having received a copy of the quote from Coopers, a couple of days later I am informed that Coopers will call to arrange a date to take my bike in for repair. Esure attempting to keep unnecessary costs down, inconvenience and disruption to a minimum?

What of the option of 4th Dimension? A double 612 mile return journey to collect and deliver my bike, storage no doubt charged, and of course the cost of a hire bike. Once my bike arrived in Surrey who knows how long it would have remained there stuck in a corner accruing storage? Not seeing who was doing what to it. At the end of the day these unnecessary costs only add to the cost of insurance cover for us all. Maybe a word with Bennetts?? Probably a waste of time.

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