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Getting heat into your elbows and knees

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On a recent (sadly not bike-powered) trip to Munich, I saw two bikers out for a city dash on their Panigales: dressed in T-shirts, shorts and sandals, their only protective gear was a helmet. That is quite typical and understandable, as long as you disregard the consequences of coming off the bike, in which case serious gravel rash is pretty much guaranteed. It's their right and their own responsibility, I hear you say, which is true enough until you start thinking about how potential injuries can have an impact on others, not least emergency response crews and the health service. Short-sleeve order for police motorcyclists was banned in the 1980s in this country after an officer was hit on the bare arm by a bee, sending him and his bike down the road. Here we might start to go ape as soon as the thermometers approach a whole twenty Celsius, and the temptation to enjoy the breeze is great, but please do think about the consequences of not wearing adequate protection, even for the shorter rides around town.

This month we have – apart from the usual suspects – substantial contributions from Peter Wright , who took a trip down the A7 and saw some stuff that I for one usually just flash past; and from Glynn Jones, who took a trip down the A68 and the A1 and just kept going.

A word from the Chair

Half the year has gone already

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A word from the Chair

As we step into the great unknown this month, I note that we are past the halfway mark for the year – well, that has been quick or perhaps I am just getting old or both.

I had a trip planned on roads I am not all that familiar with and so finally succumbed to a sat nav for the bike. As with many IT things, it is only IT people who can understand the bizarre software that comes with such items. True, I did want to do a figure of eight route but who knew there were so many places in the UK with the same name?

The National Road Rally 2016

Glynn Jones lets us in on the secret of covering 540 miles exactly and keeping the circulation in your rear quarters

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The National Road Rally 2016

Like most readers of Twist Grip I enjoy going for a ride in the countryside; but I enjoy my bike even more if I am riding with a purpose. That is what drew me to doing the National Road Rally (NRR) this year.

The NRR is the English version of one of three national rallies held each year; the others being the Welsh National Rally and, unsurprisingly, the National Rally of Scotland. These are what is termed “navigational scatter rallies”. In the case of the NRR the idea is to travel a certain distance and visit a certain number of defined checkpoints within fixed time limits. There are a number of categories ranging from ‘Bronze Sunrise’ (120 miles minimum, any number of checkpoints) to ‘Platinum’ (540 miles, maximum possible checkpoints plus special tests). More details can be found at

Twist Grip riding tip 23

A pushy overtake

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Before entering a higher speed limit, you want to check your mirrors (and possibly your right blind spot), to decide if safe to accelerate.