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October 2015

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This issue of Twist Grip is long overdue, for which many apologies. Members got out and about regularly over the summer and despite problems with IAM's re-branding exercise, new associates continue to come to us and our fellow groups in the region. The September issue contains interesting items from new faces and will be available shortly.

A word from the Chair

Richard who?

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A word from the Chair

I was followed up the A7 a couple of weeks ago by a traffic car. I spotted it several cars behind just as I left Galashiels. I was about to leave the restricted limit behind the service bus and needed that particular distraction like a hole in the head. As we left the restriction they pulled in directly behind me, so a bit of care had to be exercised with following distances, positioning, overtaking, solid white and progress. They followed me for about 15 miles and presumably got bored or had something more important to do and eventually overtook me and disappeared off into the distance.